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      Zane completed his nightly routine:looking at himself in the mirror and wondering why he was the way he was.You see,Zane isn't what some would call 'normal',his skin is covered in strange lime-green marks.He had them since he could remember,but his memory isn't the best.He even asked his adopted mother what happened,but she never actually answered.
      "oh good," Zane told himself as he looked at the date,"tomorrow's my birthday.And better yet,on a school day." Zane put the thought out of his mind for now and decided to take a night walk.
      As he came downstairs,his adopted father grinned,"Breaking the routine are we?"
      "Your powers of observation are still in check." Zane smiled,"Don't worry,I'll be home in time for bed." Zane had few friends,and his adopted father was one.They seemed to get along better than most ordinary fathers and sons.
      As Zane started his walk,down the street a group of tenth graders began running.He knew what would happen next:they'd know him to the ground on purpose and keep running.
      "Yup,predictable." Zane told himself.He got up and continued walking,lokking up at the stars every once and a while.Zane loved astrology,but always had a thing for math and science.Other subjects were a different story,but he still managed to pass.
      As he returned home,he noticed a note pinned to the door,saying:

         Why do you bother coming if you know you're not welcome?Just stay at home where you belong.

There wasn't any signature,so Zane knew it was one of the bolder students.He ripped the note off the door,tore it up and went in to sleep.
      As Zane covered himself,he thought to himself I wish I knew more about my past.Zane then fell asleep,dreaming of his past self.In this dream he saw a white room,filled with lab equipment.He also saw a woman holding…a baby.Before he could finish his dream,he awoke to a flash of sunlight.
      "Time to get up." his mom softly spoke,"It may be your birthday,but you still have school." Zane groaned as he got up.He didn't like going to a school where you only have one friend,including teachers.He groaned again as he remembered what was to come.

      Zane only liked two subjects in school and tolerates the rest,but they're bearable when you have at least one friend there.This friends name is Cody,a social outcast with very high marks.Another thing that made him an outcast was that he never judged people by their looks,and that led to him and Zane being friends.
      "Happy B-day,big guy." Cody greeted,"hope you enjoy today." Zane faked a smile and thanked Cody.The bell then went and the two went to PE.They just walked into the gym as they were,both had a dislike for the class.It was unusual to most that Zane disliked PE because he was in fairly good shape,but that was minor for most.
      "You think this'll become fun anytime soon?" Zane whispered to Cody.
      "Has hell froze over?" Cody giggled.The class then had to run laps around the gym for a warm-up,but this was nothing compared to what was about to come:dodgeball.A game where Zane is the target of his team as well as the other.Zane was actually very good at dodging,but not that good a thrower.
      "Alright class,choose your teammates." The teacher shouted.As usual,Zane and Cody were picked last,but they were still on the same team.Even before they started,Zane saw students smirking as they looked at their target.The teacher yells "GO!" and they all head for the line of balls.Then they all go flying at Zane.
      He dodges them all saying,"You got better.Can't wait for more." Zane then took a ball and threw it at one of the bigger kids,and to his surprise he hit him.And by hit,we mean he went back a few feet.Everyone looked at Zane,astonished by what he done.Then the game returned to its regular format of team vs. team.
      Later in the hallway,people were more friendly around Zane than usual.This was a shock to him that one incident could do this.
      "How did you do that?" Cody asked as he came up beside Zane.
      "I don't know,although I wish I did know so I could do it again." Zane replied,"But I am happy that people aren't disrespecting me."
      "For now,just remember what they did over the years." Cody reminded him.But that's when a small group of twelfth graders came up to Zane.
      "Hey man,you wanna hang out after school?" one asked,"We'd be hangin at my place." Zane said yes and the twelfth graders walked off.
      "I don't trust them." Cody said,"Something's up,and I don't like it."
      "Don't worry,I'll be fine." Zane reassured.

      After school,Zane went to the house he was invited to.He was invited by Josh,a student who failed grade twelve three times and is still slacking off.He was only to their driveway when two masked people jumped out and blindfolded him.He then was put in the backseat of a car,which then started moving.
      "You having fun?" a familiar voice asked.
      "Idiot!" Zane whispered to himself.Then the person took the blindfold off and Zane saw it was Josh.He seemed amused by the terror in Zane's eyes.
      "You really think your accuracy has any affect on us?" Josh laughed,"We really don't care,especially your accuracy." Josh then laughed more and then the car stopped.
      "Where are we?"
      "A long way from home for you." Josh giggled as he forced Zane out of the car,"Have fun walking home." Then he shut the door and the car sped off.Zane then realized that he could've broken free easily earlier.To make things worse,it began raining and he was in a t-shirt and shorts.
      About half an hour into his walk home,Zane looked up at the cloudy sky,wondering what his parents were like.He also saw that it was getting darker out,he'd better hurry.He noticed a car coming down the road heading into town,so he stuck his thumb up to try and hitch a ride.But the car didn't even slow down,in fact it sped up.Zane then looked at himself as the car sped by and nearly fainted at the sight he saw.His marks were beginning to glow.He then steadied himself and began running.
      By the time he got home,it stopped raining and was dark out.But not around Zane,he was now glowing brightly in the pitch black night.He went to the door and saw another note,reading:

      Zane,I don't know where you are,but if you get home late the door is open.
                 Luv Mom

      "Well at least I'm home before one." Zane told himself.He went inside and went straight to bed.He then began dreaming of the white room again,but this time he saw more.There were to other people there with the same markings as he did,but different colors and patterns.They seemed to be talking to each other in some foreign language and looked at the woman's baby.One of them then walked over and took the baby while the other restrained the mother.

      Zane woke up bright and early for a change and went downstairs to find something to eat.He expected to see his early bird father sitting,reading the daily paper.But he wasn't there,rather he saw his mother sitting near the phone.
      "Where's dad?" Zane asked.
      "He went out looking for you," his mom started,"don't you know what happened?"
      "No." Zane said puzzled.
      "He was in an accident while looking for you.And where were you last night by the way?" Zane couldn't get over the first part.His father was in an accident looking for him.
      "I was taken and abandoned on one of the old roads to town.Mom?"
      "What is it?"
      "I need to know what happened to my parents,my biological parents."
      "I…I can't tell you." Zane noticed it was still relatively dark out,so he told his mom to flip the lights out.She questioned why,but Zane insisted she do so.She did so and saw her adopted son glowing.
      "Is this some kind of sick joke?" his mom gasped.
      "I wish it was!" Zane yelled,"This is why I now ask,cause I've been having these dreams that I think might be about my parents and possibly me." Zanes mother nodded and flipped the lights back on.
      "Your parents were two of the nicest people I ever knew,and you were just the cutest little baby boy I'd ever seen." She started,"But one night,your father went missing in the woods.Your mother couldn't get a babysitter in time,so she took you out with her to search for him.Then the both of you went missing for several weeks.But when we found you and your mother,she was whispering gibberish and holding on to you tightly.You also had these markings too.Doctors tried to remove them,but nothing worked.You couldn't even get a needle.It was thought that she did this to you,so she was checked into a mental facility for treatment.And that's where she still is today." Zane was shocked,but had to steady himself constantly.Finally he gave and fainted.

      Zane woke up to scurrying doctors,trying to insert needles into his arms.But nothing seemed to be working,any needle that was attempted to be put in was snapped.
      "What…happened?" Zane groaned.
      "You passed out after I finished telling you about your parents." His mom explained.Zane then noticed that the doctors were debating over the needle issue,and it wasn't looking good for Zane.They wanted to try experiments,and that flashed another dream Zane had.This one had just the baby and the two other people.They seemed to be experimenting on the baby,injecting him with different liquids.Then the baby began crying in pain,but the pain seemed to be on the inside.Then the dream fast forwarded,the baby was now partially covered in greenish markings and feeling fine.Then it fast forwarded again.Now the baby was covered in these green markings and now with his mother.But they seemed to be surrounded by woods.
      "ZANE!" a voice shouted,"Please wake up!" It was his mom,crying in fear.Zane then woke completely and sat up a bit.
      "With or without consent,I'm not allowing it." Zane groaned.

      On their way home,Zane told his mom about his dreams.He wanted to know if they're connected to him.
      "If there were others like you,I think we'd know by now." She told him.Zane didn't believe her,but he didn't want to argue at this time.
      As the two got home,Zane saw his father waiting outside.He explained all that went on and they went inside for something to eat.

      Later that night,Zane took another night walk and told his parents that he'd be out late.He went down the road he was abandoned on the other night and discovered an off road into the woods.
      "I had better have luck on my side." Zane told himself as he got out a small flashlight.He walked down the dark off road and went until it ended.Like most who get angered,he kicked a tree.But instead of hurting his foot,he uprooted the tree a bit.
      "What am I!?!" Zane yelled into the night.He looked up through the trees and saw the stars.But they seemed to be shifting and adding.Zane then saw the outline of a hovering vehicle of some kind and had to steady himself as he witnessed an extraterrestrial craft in flight.Then everything went white,then black.
      The next instant,Zane wakes in a small room.He sees he's still glowing and hits the walls wanting out.Then a door opens to another,larger,room.He goes in and is shocked by what he sees:the room from his dreams.
      "Yes,Zane,this is where you were created." A voice said,"You seen it in your dreams,ones we planted there for just the right moment."
      "Where am I exactly?" Zane asked the mysterious voice.
      "You are on board the Vexa,an experimental interdimensional craft of Mechtorian creation."
      "The what?"
      "The people you are half of."
      "You mean-"
      "Yes.You were part of an experiment of my civilization to combine DNA of different lifeforms.You are partially carbon based,the rest is silicon.You also consist of carbon fiber bones and a flexible carbon fiber skin.And your markings are your signature,on my homeworld they define you."
      "You must know then what happened to my father?"
      "Ah yes,the first attempt.He was our very first attempt at combining human DNA with ours,but it was ill fated.We then realized we needed a subject that still needed its growing time,that's where you came in.We tried to reason with your mother,but she resisted all offers,so we had to restrain her.In fact,we even gave her knowledge beyond any human discovery.What your doctors called gibberish,is actually scientific fact."
      "So you killed my father,drove my mother mad with knowledge,and turned me into a freak!" Zane was now glowing in the light too,glowing with rage.He then smashed a hole in the floor,revealing some vital craft components.He smashed them and the ship powered down and went down.Zane then went through many doors in the ship,but eventually found an exit.
      "You can't escape what you are," the voice shouted,"you'll never be human again."
      "Who said I wanted to be." Zane smiled as he jumped out to the already fast approaching ground.As soon as he hit the ground,he began to run from the area the ship would hit.
      When he was far enough away,he watched the craft…stop?The craft just hovered for many minutes,but then began going back into space.Zane looked at his watch and seen it was past midnight.
      "No one will believe this." Zane giggled.He knew he'd be called a liar,but he knew the truth.But the question that lingered in his mind for a good long while was 'Will they return?'
After the contest I'm submitting this to is over,I might continue this as a series.

Edit: Just to clarify,this is NOT a fan fic.I made this myself,out of my head,the characters are all mine.
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meridionman Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Professional Writer
This is really good, I would say that sometimes less dialogue is more, but no very good.
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :) I haven't kept up with the series lately,but I might soon :D
darkdragoneye Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Student General Artist
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks :)
Ice-Toa-Lover Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Student General Artist
you should continue this, it's really cool!
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :D chapter 1 is already in the making
SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
cool :) is this a fanfic based off of anything, or is it completely original?
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
out of my head,completely original sci-fi story.And as I commented,I might continue this if time allows me.
SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
awesome please do =D
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well if I decide to,I'll be drawing the character cast before I continue writing.
SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
could you possibly consider adding a character? :please:
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
In future editions I will be adding lots already saw Sarah and Jason...well Josh...well you'll see...and I'll be drawing some secondary characters too
SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
is Josh purple?
ToaLittleboehn Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you'll see...I'll be posting the next round of pics in the next day or 2
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SILENTPHANTOMOMEGA Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
cool =D
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